An Incredibly Streamlined Approach

No More Missed Deliveries. No More Missed Pickups.
No More Tank Mixups. No More Billing Issues!

CO2 Cylinder Rental • Propane Rental • Cryogenic Gas • Pyrotechnic Gas

TGL’s unique approach to ordering and delivering gas has evolved from almost a decade of specialty gas logistics. Over the years TGL has worked hand in hand with specialty gas retailers to craft a system simplifying gas deliveries and pick ups for the Touring industry. Each member of our team not only understands gas, but each member possesses first hand touring experience as this is a requirement for employment. The team at TGL is dedicated to providing a cutting edge customer experience bridging the gap between gas retailers and end users.

Bringing a Polished Customer Experience

For Specialty Gas Delivery.

Our professional team utilizes proprietary software to communicate clear information ensuring each delivery. Our unique approach to touring logistics leaves each customer with a sense of security that their show is in good hands.