Frequently Asked Questions

Cryogenic Gas, Pyrotechnic Gas
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What Gases Are Available?

CO2 • Liquid CO2 • Propane • Nitrogen • Liquid Nitrogen • Helium • Argon • Acetylene • Oxygen

What Cities and States Do You Service?

TGL has access to gas in all cities and states

If we dont have a supplier in your area we will literally put it on a truck and drive it there ourselves

Does TGL Only Rent Gas For Tours?

No TGL offers the same outstanding experience to all customers.  It could be 1 tank or a 1000.  We have you covered.

How Does Invoicing Work?

TGL implements and sliding scale for invoicing based on the customer needs.  All orders of less than 20 tanks are billed up front to avoid any confusion with post event billing.  All orders of more than 20 tanks pay 50% at time of the order and then the balance Net 10.  Once customer has established 12 month consistent payment history they may request Net30 terms.

Does TGL Require A Deposit?

Yes for all first time orders and until management approves otherwise.  All deposits are returned once tanks are picked up and returned to supplier.

Does TGL Offer Strategic Pricing?

Here at TGL we believe every customer should have the same opportunity for pricing.  But yes we do offer volume pricing and tier pricing.

Does TGL Offer Onsite Filling?

Yes and No.  Yes we do offer this service in areas where gas suppliers have available resources and experience to do onsite fill ups.  Each scenario is unique and TGL negotiates solutions that simplify gas logistics for the customer.  This usually requires a site inspection and safety plan provided by TGL and the customer.

Is TGL A Broker? And If So Why Is It Important To Use A Broker?

Yes TGL acts as a logistics broker for specialty gas suppliers.  This process simplifies billing and logistics for suppliers offering a single point of contact for suppliers.  As such TGL is also a single point of contact for the customer simplifying the ordering, billing and logistics for you.  This bridge enables all parties to reduce the number of parties needed to create and manage an entire tour schedule.

Can TGL Schedule An Entire Tour?

Yes TGL will go to work immediately and map out your entire tour within 24 hours of signing your agreement.  Our team prides itself on a rapid response quoting system to help customers make timely decisions on touring.

Why Should I Use Tour Gas Logistics?

TGL will utilize all cutting edge tools and a team with extensive knowledge of the specialty gas logistics.  TGL will simplify your billing headaches.  TGL will provide you piece of mind that your cylinders will be full, on time, and not left after a show.

Bringing a Polished Customer Experience

For Specialty Gas Delivery.

Our professional team utilizes proprietary software to communicate clear information ensuring each delivery. Our unique approach to touring logistics leaves each customer with a sense of security that their show is in good hands.